Monday, February 29, 2016

"the best" hyperbole poem

 Im the next big talent

right behind Messi and Ronaldo

 Im small but mighty,fast as like the wind,

scoring and cracking ankles,

i was sent by god,oh wait, i am god.

so see me on the field,

making the crowd cheer,

a living future star.

so see my live on abc news,

because i am known to make,

any team lose.

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" blues clues" color poem

blue is the color of water, pure and clean,

blue is the taste of a mint,chilly and breezy.

blue smells like an oceans nature,with a touch of fabreeze.

blue feels like nature on a windy day,calm and passive.

blue is the sound of a calm breeze,

blue is a beach , the breeze, and the sky.

blue is meditation,

blue is  everything with a calm

blue is universal.

"Rooted" Persona poem

Im a wooden table

 Getting old from everything that was on me,

Heavy, rusty, old.

Polished wood, called a luxury table

All my scratches seem like tatoos.

Every day and night, i wake up in this kitchen,

 At my home fields, i was ripped from my roots,

what was the smell of fruits and vegetables,

I was ripped literally from my hometowm.

born and raised in a valley.where the wind sings,

where the birds dance,and the sun shines.

As a table, i see and hear nature get cut and sliced,

right on me

It's sad to remember my past,

from a beautiful sturdy oak,

to a sturdy old kitchen table.

"Destiny" fantasy peom

i flop my wings,

a rough day in the city looking for food,

i see a person jogging towards the bridge,

but blocks away i see a police chase,

my mission turns to scavenger to life savior,

here it goes..


back to my daily morning jogging

almost making it to the bridge

i see no cars and the sidewalk is filled with fresh cement

i run in the road then.

Working hard to run like a cheetah,

and have the endurance of a full fuel car,

a random bird strikes my head ,

but then i hear the sirens,

and the bird vanishes as quick as it came...